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Ismail Haniyeh: An armistice with Israel is almost reached.


Ismail Haniyeh: An armistice with Israel is almost reached.


Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, has hinted that a cease-fire deal is getting close.

We are very close to a ceasefire agreement, Ismail Haniyeh stated in a statement, adding that Hamas has communicated its stance to the Qatari brothers and mediators.

According to AFP, the sources stated that during the first five days of the temporary ceasefire, there will be less restrictions on the ground ceasefire and Israeli airstrikes in the southern Gaza region.

The proposed agreement reportedly calls for the release of 300 Palestinians, including women and children, from Israeli prisons.

In this regard, following the release of some hostages, the temporary ceasefire agreement has some minor issues, according to a statement from the prime minister of Qatar.

Deal to free hostages in Gaza is close, says Joe Biden

However, US President Joe Biden has stated that a deal to free the hostages in Gaza is almost finalized.

The negotiations are nearing their conclusion, and we are optimistic, stated White House spokesman John Kirby. However, Kirby would not provide specifics.

Netanyahu: I won't give up until the hostages are returned.

According to the US State Department, Palestinians desire a unified state consisting of the West Bank and Gaza after the conflict ends. What will the conflict's outcome be? It's challenging to say.

The Israeli prime minister declared that hostilities would not end until the hostages are returned.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations said

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres claimed in a statement on the social media platform X that while civilian deaths have occurred since he took office, no such incidents have occurred in a conflict.

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