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Day 49 of Israel's invasion of Gaza


Day 49 of Israel's invasion of Gaza

Israeli sirens alert listeners to potential rocket strikes from Gaza.

Just minutes after a truce went into effect, the Israeli military set off sirens in two villages close to the Gaza Strip, alerting the surrounding population to the possibility of Palestinian rocket attacks from the enclave, according to Reuters.

It was not immediately confirmed, though, that rocket attacks had taken place or resulted in any damage.

Qatar will keep an eye on any potential breaches of the four-day truce in real time.

Qatar receives real-time information from Gaza into an operations room in Doha. They are directly connected to both Hamas and the Israeli military, according to James Bays, a correspondent for Al Jazeera in Qatar.

The plan is that in the event that there is a breach, they will attempt to stop it early and ensure that the four-day process and ceasefire can go on. 

267 Palestinian youth and children are detained in Israeli jails.

The names of the 300 Palestinians whose release is possible under the terms of the agreement with Hamas have been made public by Israel in the event that the four-day truce is extended.

33 women and 267 kids and young people under the age of 19 are included in this group. According to AFP, 49 Hamas members are also on the list.

An Israeli official told AFP, under condition of anonymity, that Palestinian inmates would be released from three jails in Israel and the occupied West Bank and transported to the Ofer military camp on buses. The official added that the release was anticipated to take place in the evening.

Five are from the Gaza Strip, but the majority are from the West Bank.

Families of the detainees, however, told Al Jazeera that they have not heard anything about the release from Israeli authorities.

A mother whose daughter is anticipated to be released as part of this agreement told Al Jazeera that Israel still has complete control over who is allowed to leave and when.

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